Monday, July 2, 2012


While sitting here watching some anime, I've actually come to the realiztion on how much I have grown in the last few months and years.

These last two years have been quite eventful! I have gained a bit more confidence than I originally had, I attribute a good portion of that to Teka. She has definitely helped in that regard. She's also helped me be less shy and come out of my shell moreso than I had ever thought possible.

My little four legged soulmate! You have given me the opportunity to meet some really awesome people (and some really ignorant ones too), but we have educated and done great things! As you nap and listen to the tapping of my fingers on my kayboard and Chemical Pictures, I have to smile. You make me really happy. All your little quirks... When you walk in a circle, plop down and roll onto your back to get your belly rubbed, the way you protect me when people hug me by nudging them and giving them kisses. Because, you know that's very terrifying! The way you yip in your sleep. And that way you give people the stare down until they pet you.  The way you prance around so proudly with your toys and the cute snorts that go along with it or how when you already have one toy in your mouth and think you can fit another in there, but you can't.

Okay, okay... But seriously, I've gained a lot more confidence since I've gotten her. We have our yearly visit from the Guide Dog school coming up in July! I'm a little nervous, but really excited to meet the instructor! It should be a great learning experience for us.

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