Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This weekend I went to Tekkoshocon 2014 to see the bands Lolita Dark and Gacharic Spin!

Turns out, we ended up staying in the same hotel as both bands, so here's my run down.

Spot GS in the lobby with their gear to go to rehearsal.
Go to the dealer's room to buy some merch and we find out from the guy working the booth that GS would be coming down, so we waited to wtach them sign a banner that they would be raffling off. We saw them sign the banner and then they began to walk past us. Koga stopped and looked at Teka. Me and Auroroa both motioned for her to pet Tek anad then Aurora was like "ii desu!" and Koga was like "ii?!" and we both went "Haaaai!" Then Koga crouched down and Teka DARTED over to her to give kisses and nearly knocked her over! Koga squealed and said "KAWAIIIIIII!!" then crouched again to pet her while Teka's tail wagged like crazy!  Then the rest of the band came over for pets and Teka was in her glory.

Up next was the Q&A:
Aurora told Hana how much of an inspirtaion she was to her and Hana gave her some really awesome advice!
I was the last to ask my question and showed Koga my PINK PANDA CD and everyone was like "HEEEEEE!!!" She was like "PINK PANDA!!!" It was adorable. I told her how I'm learning bass and wanted her DVDs. She told me to check out Amazon. lol

We all got in line for autographs and everyone signed our stuff. The band gave Teka pets again and Hana took her paws to play drums with. Dave got a picture of it and posted it on facebook. It was adorable too. I got to Koga and she pet Teka and then she signed my Pink Panda CD. She gave a really firm handshake like three times and I taught her to fist bump. :D

Saw GS in the lobby and Hana, Oreo, and Koga all came over to pet Teka and I gave them some kibble. Koga instantly took the food and fed Tek. Then they went to the flower shop..
Alisa came over and ninja'd a pet from Teka and I was like ":O!!"
The show was AMAZING. Lolita Dark did an AMAZING cover of RATM Killing in the Name Of. It was so so so good.
GS played all my favorite songs and uuuggghhhhh they are so good.
After the show, there was an autograph session and handshake. So we went to that. Alisa was first and introduced herself to me. It was really nice! I wasn't expecting it at all! Koga gave me two more handshakes and another fist bump and I taught her another handshake. lol

Saw Koga and Mai in 7-11 buying some things for noms and things. We went to the GS booth again and talked to the guy at the booth. Saw the drawing of the banner (we didn't win) annnnd Hana poked Teka's nose. Koga waved at us as we were leaving. sdlakfj

Was sitting in the lobby with some Tekko staff and ended up talking to the guitarist of Lolita Dark for a while. He is in another band called False Empire. I told him I heard of them and he was really surprised. Met the vocalist and she was so grateful and was like "Thank you guys for coming!" So so so nice.

Then we left for the airport. Aurora saw the vocalist and got a hug from her! Cuuuuute~.

Overall, this weekend was absolutely amazing. I had such a great time and this has definitely been one of the best con experiences I've ever had.

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