Saturday, March 1, 2014


Thursday I had a meeting with blindness and visual services about what to do with me going away to school. My counselor agrees with me that going away would be the best alternative, and also agrees that Louisiana would be the best fit for me if I am accepted into the program. I think I will be accepted though, because there's people who have some more vision than I do and were accepted.

I put in my application and have to send in my medical documentation about my eye sight and my mental health status. They also asked in the application what I plan to do in the future after training. Basically I said to have confidence to live on my own, learn Japanese braille/Japanese, help create or innovate new technologies in the blind community.

Now it's a waiting game.

Also my appeal for disability retirement was sent out by my lawyer so all correspondence goes through him now. Along with my supporting documentation to prove I am disabled, it will last longer than one year, etc.

Sooooo now we wait.

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